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Tips For Having A Fling While Traveling On Business

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Here at The Alex Hotel, we cater to all types of travelers and their needs. Many businessmen and women travel throughout the United States annually. In 2017, 466 million people traveled for business reasons alone (based on this study). This is forecasted to increase by 10 million trips alone by the year 2020.

One thing you need to realize is that lots of people traveling are single, divorced, or perhaps in a relationship yet lonely. When that’s the case, people need a place to meet potential casual partners. Thankfully, some hotels are open to this type of activity. Given that we run a hotel, it only makes sense that we’d be well informed of how patrons meet others to hook up. Here are some tips and tricks for those that might want to hook up and have a fling while traveling.

W Hotel

How To Have A Quick Fling During Business Travel

If you’re anything like most men traveling alone, you get lonely and want to meet someone for a no strings attached fling. Trust me, there are specific steps that one needs to take in order to make this happen. The good news is that it’s not that difficult. I’ll lay things out for you right here, right now…

Hang In Hotel Bars

The first thing I can tell you to do is to hang out in a nice hotel bar. If you’re staying nearby a W Hotel, then I’d consider booking a hotel room there if I were you. They have some hot local women that always hang around this hotel chain, regardless of the location. There are other hotels as well. You’ll want to go ahead and book a high-end hotel and not your typical Holiday Inn. Trust me, the “upscale” bars are better for this type of thing.

Join Fling Dating Sites

The next thing you’ll want to do if you haven’t already if join a fling dating website network. These are networks that have been specifically designed to connect you with local women and men who are looking to have some fun. If you’re completely unaware of which networks to try, then my suggestion would be to head on over to and just try one of those top ranked sites.

Log Into The App

Once you’ve identified a site that looks appealing to you, then join, upgrade and log into the app. My favorite thing about these dating apps is that you can go ahead connect with tons of people in an intimate, yet very casual manner. One thing you do not want to do is use the traditional app like Tinder. It’s not quick enough in terms of results.

Message Locals

Once you’re connected with these women or men, you’ll want to message the locals and try to connect with them on a relatable level. Try to build a commonality between you and the local using the app. Oh, I should mention that it’s important you only message people within a mile radius.

Make Plans

Don’t be afraid to make plans with someone that you see online on the network. The reason that they are a part of the network is to connect for fun. It’s an environment that you can plan on being open and free in, talking about intimacy and other things.

Meet For Fun

Once you connect with these locals. Ask them to meet you at the upscale hotel bar, preferably the hotel that you are staying at now. This makes it much easier to hook up. I can’t stress the importance of this step. If you do it any other way, you’ll end up fumbling things and not hooking up with anyone at all!

Those are all the tips that I’ve got for you and everything you need to know about having a fling while traveling on business.

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